A literary studies researcher, woman activist, bilingual writer, photographer, foodie, and hiker–I seek a life of maximum aliveness and inspirational encounters. I have been studying Comparative Literature at Purdue University, USA in pursuit of an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural scholarship. My research interests focus on but not limited to memory, film and visual studies, modern and contemporary literature, post-socialism, and food studies.

Growing up in the age of economic reform and large scale of marketization in China , I deeply felt the influence of rapid social change on personal life and memory.  Locales, objects, trends, habits, and other bearers of personal memories became quickly displaced. At the same time, the memories of the past persist in various forms, haunting the present. My current research Remembrance and Rumination: The Cultural Afterlives of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, inspired by my own experience, explores how such social transformations in China register in personal and collective memories through analyzing literature, cinema and visual arts of the era.

For the last five years, I have been teaching at Purdue and the West-Lafayette community. My courses include World Literature (Antiquity to 1700; 1700 to Present), The Movies, Chinese Language (level 1 through 4) and Culture. Detailed information and related resources can be found in my e-portfolio.

In addition to reading and writing, I also love photography, traveling and cooking. My  photographic works were selected and featured at two local photo exhibits: Wild Grass and Peonies: Ordinary Lives in Today’s China (2016), and Town and Country: Nature versus The Built Environment (2017).