A gleaner’s moment: I stopped by Goodwill to pick up a pot for my calligraphy brushes but got a pair. They were probably works of a pottery student with coloring materials indicated on the bottom. Then as the salesclerk tried to wrap them up, we realized that she was using a December 31, 1999 Journal and Courier newspaper on August 15th 2015. The newspaper featured a page of Millennium Mosaics: brief millennium wishes from 100  Lafayette-area residents, aged 1 to 100.

I decided to save these snippets of time after reading their wishes, which included “people wouldn’t have to choose which country they want to be a citizen of…People should be citizens of the world.” (Andrea Zonneveld, 13 years old, “Millennium Mosaics.” Journal and Courier. 31 Dec. 1999: 30. Print.)